Salary Surveys

The Arizona School Boards Association in cooperation with the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) conducts an annual salary survey designed to study district compensation and benefits for certified and administrative personnel as well as superintendents that serve students across the state.

Each year, this information is designed to meet ASBA members’ need for important information to assist in determining comparable compensation for school employees across the state. The survey has been streamlined and re-focused to better capture salary environments outside of the traditional salary schedule of credits and seniority.

2016 Superintendent Salary & Benefits (Survey opened July 27, 2016)
2016 Certified & Administrative Personnel

2015 Superintendent Salary & Benefits

2014 Certified & Administrative Personnel
2014 Superintendent Salaries & Benefits

2013 Certified & Administrative Personnel
2013 Superintendent Salaries

2012 Certified & Administrative Personnel
2012 Superintendent Salaries